Long time ago, people love to eat ‘Kuih-Muih’. They also make eating ‘Kuih-Muih’ as their hobby. They eat ‘Kuih-Muih’ more than they eat rice. Why do so? If we know or we don’t know, eating ‘Kuih-Muih’ does have the advantages that people will get in their life.

Every creation has own benefit and so do the ‘Kuih-Muih’. ‘Kuih–Muih’ of Kelantan is famous with the sweetness which will help to reduce stress in human life. We eat something sweet and it will make our mind calm as well as we can start to think rationally.  

‘Kuih-Muih’ also will balance the composition in human’s body. As we can observe, people nowadays really take good care of their meals in which they reduce the intake of sugar and salt.  As a result, their body become weak and they have a tendency to sleep more and rest a lot. So, eating ‘Kuih-Muih’ will enable people to get balanced composition in the body, thus, reduce the time they go to hospital.

By eating ‘Kuih-Muih’, people can get energy to do their routine in a good condition. Eating ‘Kuih-Muih’ in early morning is a good breakfast. That’s why people sell their delicious ‘Kuih-Muih’ in the morning. In Kelantan, people start their work in early morning and some of they do not have time to cook and have breakfast with the family. So, in the way to go to the office, most of the parents will stop to buy some ‘Kuih-Muih’ for the started meals of the early day.


‘Kuih-Muih’ also is a relief for the gastric disease people. Kuih-Muih is being digesting by the stomach easily and it helps the stomach to keep full all the time. When we had gastric, we cannot eat rice immediately, it will make our stomach pain more than before. Instead, we must eat something that is not heavy and easily digested by our stomach. For examples, ‘Kuih-Muih’, chocolate, sweets, milk and sweet drinks. So that, our stomach can get the energy back as well as reduce the pain of gastric disease.

In the nut of shell, always keep in mind that eating ‘Kuih-Muih’ is good and beneficial to our body.