Wednesday, 26 September 2012



I have chosen Foods as my assignment Blog and I will focus on the Kelantanese food. When it comes to the Kelantanese food, I am sure the famous ones are about ‘Kuih-Muih’. This topic is so interesting to me as I like ‘Kuih-Muih’. The texture, features, and the sweet taste are so amazing that make many people will like to eat. There is also people make eating kuih-muih as their hobby. For an example, when Kelantanese want to eat lunch, they will start by eating ‘Kuih-Muih’ first. In addition, Kelantan is so rich with the ‘Kuih-Muih’ that people will not find in other country. When people or tourism comes to Kelantan, they will be attracted to the varieties of ‘Kuih-Muih’ that being sold in Kelantan. Therefore, let us altogether finds out more about Kelantanese food that has become my interest to write more in the Digital and Mobile Communication Assignment Blog.


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