'Gula Melaka' Has Been Used To Produce Delicious Kuih-Muih

The time is beginning for us as Malay culture to know the history of Kuih-Muih. As a nation who rich in food cultures, we should know a little bit about the history instead of just eating it. Therefore, we must be grateful and be precious.

Being divided by the geographical location and according to the states, ‘Kuih-Muih’ in Kelantan is known as sweet. It is different in others country, they have their own specialty in ‘Kuih-Muih’. For an example, Johorian ‘Kuih-Muih’ is simple and not too sweet.

As we all know, ‘Kuih-Muih’ is being eaten using the hand by following Malay etiquette and table manners. They are rarely found being eaten by fork, spoon or knife. ‘Kuih-Muih’ also is being prepared by using local ingredients that have a different taste, aroma, and naturally made by the Malay people. This old ingredients will make the Kuih-Muih looks more tasty rather than modern ingredients.

Then, Kuih-Muih’ is usually being packed or served in tropical edible leaves. This is because, in the past time, the ancestors use more of the earth sources of their life to survive.