Does everyone have an idea on why ‘Kuih-Muih’ in Kelantan is so sweet compared to other country’s ‘Kuih-Muih’? We do hear on people complaining that the foods that have been prepared by Kelantanese are sweet, but, does anyone have even thinking critically about this. Anyone has?

Well, if we observe carefully, most Kelantanese love to eat sweets. Even I do really prefer sweet foods to be eaten, especially ‘Kuih-Muih’. It is quite funny when we can hear that students get grumble on saying that the sugar has been put exceeds to the actual contents.

I do know on why the ‘Kuih-Muih’ is so sweet. It is beginning with the great influence from the Arabians that have immigrated to Kelantan long time ago. In a basic knowledge, Arabians also love to eat sweet things. For example, kismis, dates and other foods. They believe it will give better positive thinking in which they always fresh and can think one step forward. Our ancestors got married with them and it gives influence on the Kelantanese’s foods in which they do implement the way they eat with the life of Kelantanese. It is continuing until today until generation Y. So, ‘Kuih-Muih’ is one result from the Arabians influence.

Whether sweet or not? It is actually depends on the person or the Kelantanese themselves on how they want to cook the meals. But, in terms of ‘Kuih-Muih’, do believe me. 'Kuih-Muih' is very delicious and good if they are sweet. In short, let’s smile when eating 'Kuih-Muih'.